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Equestrian Performance

Your Competitive Advantage

Feel, perform and compete at your best with my one-on-one equestrian performance program. This program is based on a three-step process designed to address limitations in the body as they relate to equestrian sports, prevent common injuries, improve overall symmetry and create strength where it matters most.

Agility, strength, stamina, power.

A customized fitness program that treats equestrians

like the high performance athletes they are.

How it works



In our first session, I’ll take you through functional movement screens designed to identify faulty stability and altered mobility patterns as they relate to your equestrian sport. From there I’ll assess your strength, power and endurance so I can prescribe the best stretches and exercises for you.



Based on the assessment, you’ll receive a highly-individualized 10-12 week equestrian performance program. This program is designed to increase your mobility, strength and stamina so you can perform at your best.



Once I design your program, it’s time to get to work. We’ll set up one-on-one sessions either in person or virtually so I can teach you proper form on all of your stretches and exercises, and ensure you continue to learn appropriate progressions.

“I’m a competitive jumper and met Jennifer at WEF. After an in-depth assessment she helped me understand limitations in my core and lower body that were affecting my performance. The program she designed for me improved my strength, overall symmetry and endurance. If you want to be a top competitor, her customized equestrian program is a must.”
Filippo Pignatti

About me

I grew up in a horse family with farms in Wellington, FL and Lexington, KY. With my equestrian performance program I’m able to combine my love for horses with my love for fitness. While I train all levels, I specialize in working with competitive riders.

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