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One-on-One Online Golf Fitness Sessions and Nutrition Coaching

Prefer a more individualized approach? You've come to the right place.

Train with Jennifer One-on-One

My one-on-one Golf Fitness & Performance Program is based on a three-step process that is designed to address the root cause of your swing faults, improve your flexibility, strength and power, and eliminate any pain that might be hindering you on the course. Whether your goal is greater distance, improved accuracy, increased endurance or even to reduce your risk of injury, my one-on-one golf fitness sessions can help. Even better? Because I offer my one-on-one sessions on Zoom and FaceTime, location is never an issue.

If you want to improve your game,

you must improve your body’s ability to

move, stabilize and generate power.

How it works



In our first session, I’ll take you through functional movement screens designed to identify faulty stability and altered mobility patterns as they relate to the golf swing. From there I’ll assess your strength, power and endurance so I can prescribe the best stretches and exercises for your body and swing.



Based on your screen results, you’ll receive a highly-individualized 12 week golf mobility, strength and cardiovascular program. This program is designed to increase your power and eliminate swing faults so you can perform at your best.



Once your program is designed, we’ll set up a minimum of five one-on-one sessions so I can teach you proper form on all of your stretches and exercises. From there, it’s up to you how often we meet. Some of my clients see me three times a week while others check in once a month to learn appropriate progressions.

“After just six months I no longer feel sore after I play golf, I’ve put on eight solid pounds of muscle and all of my allergies are GONE. Every aspect of my game, fitness and general health has improved under Jennifer’s guidance”

Steve S.
Former professional golfer

Nutrition Coaching with Jennifer

Get to your goals efficiently and sustainably. No counting calories, no weighing foods, no eating tasteless meals. I’ll teach you how to select the right foods for your body to help you burn fat, reduce inflammation and perform at your best.


The foods you eat are responsible for 80% of your results.

Golf Performance Nutrition Program

I designed this nutrition program to help you consistently perform at your highest level, on and off the course. Together we will evaluate your hydration, the quality and quantities of food you currently eat, the timing of your meals, the timing of your sleep cycle, and any food irritants you might consume. From there, I’ll provide you with daily meal plans, recipes and grocery shopping lists to get you to your health and fitness goals most effectively.

In this program I’ll also teach you how to tweak meal ratios for increased stamina on the course, how to speed up recovery time and increase power through proper supplements, techniques for staying hydrated throughout the round and ideal snacks for sustained energy. Choose from two, four or eight week guided programs.

Two Week Metabolic Reset

This guided two week cleanse is designed to promote detoxification and weight loss while still providing the nutrients golfers need to sustain a day of play.

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